About Us

About MbyMellisaLawijaya


Born and raised in Jakarta, Mellisa Lawijaya’s passion in fashion started off at an early age.
It all began with a simple desire to make clothes that she loves.

“I wanted clothes that can make me feel beautiful, sexy, and confident in them.
I always ask myself while designing.
Would I wear this? That’s the final test. If I wouldn’t, I would cross it out from the list.”

After graduating from Lasalle College International Jakarta,
she determined to pursue her carrier in the fashion field by opening her own clothing line.
First launched in Indonesia in 2015, mbymellisalawijaya is a woman ready to wear line.
Every piece in the collection is exclusively designed by Mellisa Lawijaya.

mbymellisalawijaya is a fashion label with strong concept design specialized
in contemporary women fashion targeted to a younger generation.
Focusing on combining the beauty of womanhood and masculine tailoring, they aspire to create timeless pieces
that ensuring each woman who wears the pieces to express her own unique personalities.

Less is More

Clothing should be detailed yet effortless, empowering, and versatile.
Every piece in the collection is displaying the beauty and elegance of simplicity.
The brand offers good quality garments with affordable price tags.