Payment Method

Choose Your Payment Method


Payment can be made via bank transfer with 2 options: Bank Central Asia (BCA) and Bank Mandiri.
BCA : 583 025 2667 a.n Mellisa Lawijaya
Mandiri : 
1 150 006 11649 7 a.n Rita Hariana


After payment has been done, simply click on "CONFIRM PAYMENT" link at the left-top of the website.
You will be asked to sign in with your current account.


After signed in, click "CONFIRM PAYMENT" On My Orders then select the order you've paid.
Fill in all the details and done!
A shipping schedule and an email with shipment tracking code will be automatically sent to your email.


Please note that payment should be made strictly in 72 hours (3 days) after check out.
We will automatically send an invoice to your email.
** If you can't transfer and confirm within that time, your orders will be automatically expired.
You can order again but we can't guarantee the availability of our products.